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Community Day January 2019 – Karnimani

Saturday, 12.01.2019, 11:00. The lock modules at the Pokéstops start and the surroundings around the Carmelite Square fill up with all sorts of Pokémon, especially the small, blue crocodile Karnimani. In freezing temperatures of 3° Celsius, we staggered through the city and collected every Pokémon in search of a dazzling carnimani. Buttons with the named pocket monster could also be purchased again for a voluntary donation.

At the end of the day, I even had 7 glittering turquoise crocodiles, although I took a tea break in between to warm up my frozen fingers.

This first Community Day in 2019 was also a great success. At the end there was a quick group photo and after that we all went our way again. But in February we will all meet again. I just hope it gets a bit warmer.

A report by Paul Janisch


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