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About us

The Pokeunion project is the website of MOCS – Mobile Outdoorgaming Community Styria.

The association, whose activity is not profit-oriented, aims to promote and expand the community activities in the outdoor video game community in Styria and charitable purposes. The expected income from contributions, donations and sponsorships is used for donations to charitable projects and associations according to a distribution key, minus the costs. Similarly, some of the revenue goes to organizing and pricing for community-enhancing competitions. The association tries to be a point of contact for all social and age groups. The outdoor video games community already includes a large four-figure society from young to old. The association tries to provide a structure for where newcomers can be quickly and kindly integrated into this community.

The Board of Directors:

  • Chairman: Jakob Wollinger
  • Chairman Deputy: Johannes Jungwirth
  • Cashier: Monika Poglitsch
  • Kassier Stv. Daniel
  • Secretary: Klaus Resch

MOCS – Mobile Outdoorgaming Community Styria

ZVR: 1106379714

Manning 38

8081 Holy Cross

association management at

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