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Welcome to the official website of Pokémon Go Community Styria, powered by MOCS. We are pleased that you are visiting us here. On this website you will find information and reports about past events and links to the most important news. The interactive content such as the organization of raids, text channel for various occasions and much more can be found on our official Discord server.

Getting started on Discord:

Discord offers countless possibilities and opens the door to a more exciting and versatile gaming experience, along with a community of over 1,500 people. And the best part is: it's super easy.


We support sick children and their families with various actions. Eg. with auctions or the proceeds of the Communityday Buttons. These contributions go to more divergent organizations.


As an association we organize regular PVP Tuniere with the rules of Silph. It is played in Swiss tournament mode and the first 3 receive medals. For all participants in the tournament there are certificates.

Comunity Day

For Community Day we meet in Graz at the Carmelite Square (unless there are other events). Before or after there is a common photo.

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